Back to the Fold

Back to the fold - Anthony Vanderzweep

My sculpture “Back to the Fold” is based on a story about the 1987 Ash Wednesday Fires as told by an old neighbour in Gisborne.

As the fires were approaching Bullengarook from the north, the local farmers in an effort to avoid losing animals to the flames started pushing herds of stock off the land and sent them mostly unaccompanied down the road towards Gisborne. Most of the animals ended up being corralled onto the cricket oval but some smaller groups of sheep strayed into back gardens, side streets and found quite refuge where they could.

Medium: Bronze

Price: $45,000

Back to the fold - Anthony Vanderzweep

Anthony Vanderzweep

Anthony has been a bronze sculptor for more than 30 years, sculpting animal sculptures in bronze.

He started as a sculptor’s apprentice in The Netherlands, where he worked for three-and-a-half years, learning how to make moulds, cast bronze and finish the sculptures, before he returned to Australia and studied Fine Art at RMIT. He now has a studio in Gisborne Victoria.  

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