Borromen Rings

Borromen Rings - Rudi Jass

The Borromean Rings are composed of three circles interlocking each other, forming a Brunnian Link. This basically means that if one were to cut or take away one ring, the other two would fall apart. As such, Borromean Rings were used, since the early times, as symbols for strength in unity.

In times like these, we all have to stick together. Just like the rings, if one fails, the others will fall apart.

Medium: Corten steel / stainless steel / brass / bearings 

Price: $8,800SOLD

Rudi Jass

When searching for a statement or point of reference, Rudi finds himself returning to a simple prevailing solution. His work is rarely stirred by political occurrences, emotional unrest, or childhood hardships.

Art is a desire and a need to react creatively to the artistic processes that occur during the production of a piece. It is the love for materials, problem solving, and the need to create, which are the foundations of his work. Art keeps him genuine."