CLOCK - Anton Hasell

Invited in 2014 to invent a new bell sound/design for Danny Hillis's 10,000-Year Clock inside a mountain in West Texas ( and commissioned to cast ten of this new 'Difference-Tone' Bells for the Clock when I had invented the bell design, I spent the years 2015 -2018 completing this amazing project. Inspired by the clock inside a mountain I decided to explore my own clock designs to ring my bells when Covid 19 locked us down. My studio is full of many experimental clock designs in progress and this Climate Catastrophe Alarm Bell Clock sounds a small difference-tone bell while the planet earth circles a turning sun in a cosmic B-B-Q. Now and then the bell rings to remind us to do something to save our planet.

This sculpture is laser cut in stainless-steel from 3D computer virtual models I created and working it out has been an 18 month adventure. 

Medium: Laser cut in stainless-steel

Price: $42,900

Anton Hasell

Anton Hasell is a sculptor living in Central Victoria, exploring both traditional and digital tools in the design of bells, interactive and joyful public-space installation and printmaking. He is best known for the invention and creation of the Federation Bells Carillon in Melbourne.

Amongst many other projects, he most notably completed the invention, casting and tuning of a musical set of ‘difference tone’ bells for the Longnow Foundation’s 10,000 Year Clock project installed inside a mountain in Texas. He has also completed a Synapse Residency working with scientists at CSIRO’s Lab 22, to research the direct-metal 3D printing of bells in titanium and stainless-steel/bronze.

Anton holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Design from RMIT University (2003) and is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) Research Centre.

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