Future Seed

Future Seed - Adrian Spurr

Future Seed is a development of previous smaller works of the same name. Texture, pattern and form are central concerns in this work and serve to enrich its implied narrative. The surface pattern was achieved by 3D printing individual shapes and applying them to the original ovoid form prior to a mould being made. This allowed for a uniform height to be achieved which was critical when it came to the polishing stage following the application of a verdigris patina.

Medium: Bronze

Price: $12 500

Adrian Spur

Adrian Spurr is an award-winning sculptor and a master printmaker. Currently he is the recipient of the Lenton Parr sculpture residency at Billilla Mansion in Brighton.

As a printmaker he works at the Sunshine Print Artspace (SPA), where he is a founder, member and co-director. He spends considerable time in the north-west of Victoria, in the Wimmera, and frequently works as a sculptor in rural Italy.

As a sculptor his practice embraces stone carving, assemblage and bronze casting. Thematically, he engages with issues that pertain to the fragile nature of the human condition.