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Why Speckle Park Cattle?

It all started in 2011 when John and Ann Ellis visited the Royal Melbourne Show. They walked into the cattle arena just as the Speckle Parks were being judged. Initially, the look of the animals caught their eye, however after talking to some of the breeders and finding out how great the meat was they decided that they would buy a bull - his name was Jim. 

From there the herd has grown, and we now have a small herd of purebred speckle park cattle. with a number of x bred cattle which will mostly be sold as meat. What started as a hobby for John and Ann has now grown into a multi-faceted business that focuses on breeding influential genetics for the breed.  

Since 2011 John & Ann have come across some amazing young people in the cattle industry who have shaped the last decade of their lives. This has meant that they have been able to grow the stud from a hobby farm and now offer genetic services and Speckle cattle for sale. For more information on this and more see the Speckle Park Stud & Services section of this website.