How to Buy Beef

Beef Boxes & Home Delivery

Beef is available to purchase in our Cellar Door year-round and we have now also introduced refrigerated home delivery of our new fresh beef boxes – this will happen numerous times a year. Become a Friend of the Winery by join our mailing list ( and receiving 10% off our wine also!) and receive email updates or follow us on our social media to find out when our next home delivery date is planned, but the best way to stay up to date is to join our beef newsletter.

Beef boxes are the best way to taste our range and they offer great value too, starting from just $95. We have a load of options to choose from and it’s all 2-year-old, tender and as we unashamedly say, some of the tastiest and most flavoursome beef you will ever enjoy - it's high-end, restaurant-quality beef. 

Refrigerated home delivery to metropolitan Melbourne, the Macedon Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong / Bellarine Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Ballarat / Castlemaine and Bendigo / Heathcote is a flat rate of $20. For delivery to other areas, please call us on 03 5427 0542.

If you are after individual cuts, these are available through Cellar Door. Please note though that due to the popularity of our beef, not all cuts are always available - please call ahead to ensure availability. Signing up to our Beef Club is a great way to find out when the next fresh cuts of meat will be available. 

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Monsieur Pierre Hanging Rock Gourmet Beef Pies & Sausage Rolls

Have you tried our Hanging Rock gourmet beef pies and sausage rolls?

Made by our local partners Monsieur Pierre in Kyneton using our own estate grown beef, these delicious pies and sausage rolls are available through our Cellar Door from time to time throughout the year.

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Hanging Rock Beef Pastrami, Pastirma & Bresaola

We are very proud to be working with Bologna Smallgoods. They make all of our cured meat for us including Pastrami, Pastirma and Bresaola. 

Pastrami is raw meat which is brined, partially dried, seasoned with various herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. We use the Brisket in our Pastrami. 

Bresaola is beef which has been salted and cured in a similar way to Proscuitto. We use the Silverside and Girelo cuts of beef. 

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Speckle Park Hides

One of our favourite things about Speckle Park cattle is the way they look.

The black, white and spotty nature of the cattle makes them very unusual and pleasant to look at. Please contact us for up to date photos and sizes of current stock

The hides are processed at the Greenhalgh Tannery in Ballarat - the last traditional vegetable tanners remaining in the country. For more information about their work visit their website. 


  • Black and white 'spotty' hide
  • Speckle Park X steer
  • Typically extra large (2.4m x 2.1m)
  • Price - $1250

 Our hides sell quickly, so if you wish to be notified when they are next available, pleasecontact us.