Leichardt's Map of Tower Hill

Leichardt's Map of Tower Hill

This oil painting on corrugated copper sheet, is one from a series Anton painted for an exhibition on Leichhardt the German explorer, who attempted to cross Australia in 1848 and has not been found since.

Anton thinks that he should have taken sheets of copper along with him to beat upon the ground as he travelled inland, as 1:1 ratio maps of the country. The impressions left in the copper would have collected topographical information at the highest levels of detail, and also evidence of previous and ongoing occupation of Australia by the indigenous peoples.

Medium: Copper and oil paint

Price: $4,400

Anton Hasell

Anton Hasell is a sculptor living in Central Victoria, exploring both traditional and digital tools in the design of bells, interactive and joyful public-space installation and printmaking. He is best known for the invention and creation of the Federation Bells Carillon in Melbourne.

Amongst many other projects, he most notably completed the invention, casting and tuning of a musical set of ‘difference tone’ bells for the Longnow Foundation’s 10,000 Year Clock project installed inside a mountain in Texas. He has also completed a Synapse Residency working with scientists at CSIRO’s Lab 22, to research the direct-metal 3D printing of bells in titanium and stainless-steel/bronze.

Anton holds a Ph.D. in Architecture and Design from RMIT University (2003) and is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University’s Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) Research Centre.

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