Purchasing Animals

How to Purchase Animals

Hanging Rock Speckle Park Stud

To find out the availability of prize winning Speckle Park animals for sale, please contact John on (03) 5427 0542 or email the winery on hrw@hangingrock.com.au.

If you would like a copy of our current stud catalogue please email John on the details above. 

For a list of embryos and semen available please see thegenetics sectionof this website. 

Hanging Rock Harper - Sold


DOB: 10/02/2017

SIRE: Johner Stock Farms Trade Secret

DAM: Hanging Rock Hazel K34

Weight: 466 EMA: 84 P8: 8 Rib: 7 IMF: 4.7 (*weight as of 02/01/2018)

Hanging Rock Hugo - Sold


DOB: 18/03/2017

SIRE: Hanging Rock Hardson HRS K04

DAM: Hanging Rock Mercedes J02 (of Karmen D42)

Weight: 447 EMA: 81 P8: 7 Rib: 7 IMF: 4.1 (*weight as of 02/01/2018)