As a family-owned and run winery, we are committed to sustainability. Being a multi-generational business, we see all the business decisions we make through a lens of longevity. We hope to leave the business, our property and the world around us in a better state than when we inherited it.

The Vineyard

Our vineyard isgrown organicallywhere possible. While we are not certified organic, our growing practices reflect our commitment to producing the highest quality product with minimal intervention and impact.

We usegrape marc as compostfor the vineyard and other plants on the property, and the irrigation system uses bore water.

Over the next 5 years, we are looking to plant 10,000 more vines and will work on extra soil health initiatives.

The Winery & Winemaking

For storing, bottling, and packaging our wine we use allAustralian-made productsexcept items not made in Australia, such as screw caps, hoods, corks and oak barrels.

The winery and all associated buildings are powered by a90kw solar systemthat generates roughly 85% of our total power usage. The remaining 15% is supplied by a green energy provider.

We recycle the majority of our glass and paper/cardboard. We have recently installed a glass recycling machine on-site to further reduce our environmental impact. This will greatly reduce the volume of our glass recycling and the frequency of collection.

Cellar Door

When you visit us, you will be greeted by the sight of our estate-grown grass-fed cattle as you turn into the driveway. Our Speckle Park Stud & Beef range is available to purchase at Cellar Door, alongside many otherpremium locally-produced productsavailable to purchase or consume on-site.

At Cellar Door, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly staff with a tasting list and aglass of tap water drawn from the part of the Artesian Basin that runs beneath our property. The majority of our staff live locally, reducing the carbon footprint that comes with a daily commute.

Whether it’s our wine, our beef, or a platter of local produce, our Cellar Door experience is a true expression of ourfarm-to-table philosophy.

Wine Packaging

We're excited about the ever-envolved wine packaging space and the opportunities it presents for wineries to reduce their footprint on this earth. Currently, we source as much Australian-made packaging as possible to reduce our transport miles. This means our wine bottles, cartons and labels are all Australian-made.

In recent years, our conversations with our suppliers have changed, and the questions we're asking now include: Do you have a product that incorporates more recycled material? Is there a way we can change the design or shape to reduce waste in the manufacturing process? Do you make a lighter option? Etc. We're very excited to announce that the recycled content of all of our packing is increasing at a rapid rate.

Giving Back & Future Plans

We have also built sustainability and ethical practices into our day-to-day business. We use green cleaning products and donate a portion of our profits to local causes such asBlazeAid.

We have committed to reducing our electronic footprint and to continuing to expand our diverse workforce.

Sustainability is a major pillar of our plans for the future of Hanging Rock Winery. We will reduce the use of plastic packaging at Cellar Door and discontinue the practice of pallet wrapping with non-compostable wrap where possible. We plan to install an EV charging point.

Most significantly, our future plans for the vineyard involve planting trees and cover crops – methods that have been recognised for their positive environmental impact on vineyard management.