Tracings - Brigit Heller

Inspired by the pendant nest of the weaver bird, this installation creates tension between the material (steel) and the idea of home and protection. The same contradiction is evident between the rusted wire and the technique of knitting applied in creating the work. Nests are often created with whatever is at hand and represent a poetic translation of a particular place and time.

This beautiful piece is sold.

Brigit Heller

Although fascinated by the rigid strength that different metals offer, Brigit uses a variety of mixed media in the creation of her mostly 3-D works. Her European heritage and rural upbringing shine through her works in different ways. Traditional techniques and processes like weaving, forging and crocheting, are appropriated and re-imagined in the pursuit of creating larger than life experiences for the audience. You are invited to walk amongst forged copper plants or explore giant woven seed-pots. Intricately woven copper leaves are protected by glass cylinder, reminding us of exotic plants that require protecting. 

Largely influenced and inspired by natural forms, her works attempt to reintroduce a connection and familiarity with the natural world. Materiality, namely the use of recycled materials that support the creation of the unpredictable and irregular are important aspects in her works.  

Brigit has shown her work in solo exhibitions at Icon Museum of Art, McClelland Sculpture Park and Montsalvat amongst others. She was shortlisted for The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, The McClelland Survey and Award, The Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award and aRtECYCLE Incinerator Art Award just to name a few. Brigit has created public art commissions for the city of Port Philip, the city of Ballarat and Bendigo, Windham Vale and Park and Wildlife in Tasmania. Public Talks and workshops are a regular feature in Brigit’s busy schedule. 

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