Transference - Frederick White


Endless loops within Frederick’s sculptures speak of a long meditation into the life cycles of matter, energy and all living beings. Utilising pipe as the main conduit to represent hidden flow and transformation, while the silhouettes of his work can sometimes be figurative. There is always an original dynamism to the sculptures that requires being there to experience in the round to be understood.

Medium: Aluminum.

Gifted by Frederick White to Hanging Rock Winery.

Frederick White's Email

Frederick White

Frederick White is a Melbourne base sculptor producing his artwork since 1985. Frederick has exhibited his large-scale work in over 40 outdoor major sculpture exhibitions. His art explores complex and universal themes about connection and mortality.

White studied a Batchelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) at Prahran 1986-88 and followed by Honors at RMIT in 1999. White’s Practice requires each work to be carefully considered from sketches to Marquette. On creation of the final sculpture, industrial offcuts and recycled materials are utilised as a priority in the initial design phase. Along with White’s own sculptures, he has created numerous large-scale public artworks with and for other artists including nine different sculptures for Newcastle’s own sculptor, Julie Squires.