Wind Stack -Dan Wolmering

Dan Wolmering

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, and arriving in Australia in 1975, Dan Wollmering is a contemporary sculptor. Wollmering often explores the materiality beyond its usual expectations utilising materials such as bronze, steel and wood in his work. Dan's sculptures focus on the essence of abstracted forms which he usually follows through Minimalist traditions. Informed by material investigation and exploration, involving manipulating and building objects and innovative substances, a creative process adored by Wollmering.

In the 1980s in Gippsland, in his early career, Wolmering lectured in the Wood/Sculpture department at the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education. This paved the way to the development of contemporary sculpture in Gippsland.

Following his art teaching positions in Gippsland, Wollmering taught at Monash University Caulfield Campus as the Sculpture Studio Coordinator. Wollmering has a Bachelor’s degree, an MFA and a PhD in Sculpture and extended media.